Cancellation & Missed Appointment Policy

Cancellation and Missed Appointment Policy

At least 24 hours’ notice from the start time is required for cancelling appointments. Clients can cancel their appointment through the Jane App using their Y. Bonnie Chi Counselling account. If this isn’t possible, you can reach out your practitioner directly via email or phone.

Existing clients can access their login page here:

If a client cancels a session between 24 hours and 12 hours from their time slot, they will pay 50% of the session fee.

In cases where a client cancels a session within 12 hours of their scheduled appointment, they will pay 75% of the session fee.

Clients who don’t contact their practitioner and don’t attend their appointment will pay the full cost of their session.

All three categories include clients who have:

  • Full price appointments
  • Sliding scale appointments
  • Same-day or last-minute bookings
  • Sessions confirmed through the waiting list

For example, let’s say Client J has a session on Tuesday afternoon at 2pm. They pay the standard rate of $140 for 50 minutes.

If Client J cancels their appointment on Monday at 11am, they incur no cost. If the client doesn’t communicate their cancellation until 6pm on Monday, they’re billed $70 (50% of the session). If they email their practitioner at 9am on Tuesday, they’re billed $110 (75% of the session). With no communication around missing their appointment, Client J pays the full $140.


There is a range of valid reasons to cancel an appointment. This policy is in place to encourage timely communication and so folks on the waiting list can access available appointments.

To stay consistent with every client, cancellation fees are waived in the following cases:

  • Medical emergency requiring immediate professional treatment
  • Death in the family
  • Natural disaster

Notification and Reminders

The Jane App always sends a booking confirmation when you schedule an appointment. You can also customize reminder emails through your app preferences. These include reminders that occur 3 days before the appointment time. There’s also the option of text-based reminders, including in the hours leading up to the session. You can add, change, or disable these reminders to fit their needs.

The booking app may experience downtime or technical problems. In these rare cases, you may not receive reminders on time or at all. App-based reminders are there as backup for personal scheduling – don’t rely solely on them for tracking appointments. Keeping track of scheduled appointments is your responsibility with or without reminders. You can’t avoid the cancellation policy based on missed reminders or technological difficulties.

To confirm your appointment schedule and existing bookings, you have the following options:

  • Visit your Jane App profile for a listing of upcoming appointments
  • Contact your practitioner directly via email or phone

How does this work?

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